POiNTmetric services

Work with us to unlock your data assets

We’ll help you unlock the latent value of data, discover new use cases and create a flourishing data ecosystem that drives revenue.

We’ll help you unlock the latent value of data, discover new use cases and create a flourishing data ecosystem that drives revenue.

Services for carriers

Taking you from project design to rollout

Consultancy for your data journey

Monetise your data, safely, securely and profitably

Our experts will help you discover the true value of your data, how you can access it and what we can do with it to drive revenue.

We offer consultancy to get you from concept to profit centre.

Explore new value opportunities and use cases

Discover what data matters and how to enrich it to increase its value for partners

Create new propositions for partners and a data market

Build a flow of new offers to meet evolving requirements and market needs

Deploy your solution with confidence

Quickly rollout a complete data infrastructure

Pointmetric offers a complete service designed to ensure you can launch your data business, quickly and efficiently.

From PoC to mass deployment and in-service operations, our consultancy and service capabilities will help you turn data to revenue.

Start with a simple Proof of Concept trial

Test your idea, gather data, build compelling propositions for business partners

Onboard clients and help them get started

Provide enriched data to augment location and integrate with your systems

Scale to deployment and complete coverage

Cover the complete retail or commercial footprint and deliver data at scale

Efficient management and operations

We’ll help you operate your sensor fleet and evolve customer solutions

Services for business

Micro-targeting for business users

Making hyper-localised marketing work for your business

Creating a business case for your data analytics programmes

Mobile location data provides invaluable insights for your business, helping you plan your outlets and deliver real-time contextual engagement with micro-targeting. 

Our discovery services will help you build a business case to include enriched mobile data in your workflows and engagement programmes. We’ll make sure there’s a tangible outcome that adds value.

Insights: dashboard and analytics

See the value of data and what it can do for you

Help to identify value opportunities and integrate location data in your business and marketing

Data that drives measurable benefits

We make sure the insights are optimised for your business and support focused outcomes

Enrich your data to increase its value

We add value to data through enrichment and correlation, so that it makes more impact

Micro-location tracking for accurate targeting

Granular to unprecedented levels, real-time insights ensure more effective campaigns

Supporting your deployment and logistics programme

From PoC to full deployment

We provide a full suite of services to help you move from trial to mass deployment, ensuring smooth rollout of your solution. We’ll help you at every step, to accelerate your data programme.

This includes logistics support to efficiently extend coverage and plan your next steps, so you continually obtain fresh insights and drive engagement.

  • Comprehensive training for your data team
    We’ll make sure you can work effectively with our data platform
  • Simple tools and self-care
    Intuitive interfaces and tools to maintain your solution
  • Clear manuals, localised for youUse default wireless signal, or connect to your LAN

Ready to get started?

Pointmetric provides a clear path to unlock insights from data and bring location analytics to your business

From PoC to launch

Start with a trial and scale up with our team. We’ll help you capitalise on enriched location data

Become a data leader

Discover and explore the insights that matter, so you can secure sustained benefits

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