Sensor for Real-time, location-based marketing

Collect unique identity data in real-time

The Pointmetric sensor, the key to unlocking effective mobile location marketing and realising value from your data.

Micro-targeting real-time data

Real-time data for micro-targeting

Accurate, resilient,  cost effective sensing

Know your visitors and audience

The Pointmetric sensor is a uniquely accurate solution that delivers on the promise of real-time location based marketing. It captures the location and identity of each visitor, providing rich insights into customer activity.

Location based marketing

The information generates a complete picture of your mobile audience, in real-time, which can be correlated and enriched to support numerous use cases.

All data is carefully anonymised and time-stamped.

  • Deploy anywhere
  • Discrete, self-contained
  • Integrated backhaul
  • Mains or battery powered
Location based marketing
Mobile user data insights

an integrated view of user behaviour

A complete data insights architecture

Scale from PoC to full service

The Pointmetric sensors can be deployed in any location. They’re discrete and can easily be integrated into the retail, hospitality or other environment.

Onsite sensors

Once deployed, they connect to our data processing infrastructure. Our systems are integrated with external platforms, to collect additional data and build the picture you need – presented through your dashboard.

  • Robust security, at every level
  • Highly scalable for any use case
  • Seamless, out-of-the-box deployment
  • Fully integrated, carrier performance
Onsite sensors

A breakthrough in real-time micro- targeting

Unlock micro-targeting to drive engagement with your audience

Get hyper-localised data delivered in real-time

A discrete sensor device with industry-leading accuracy and precision pin-pointing

A secure infrastructure, end-to-end

Stringent security with a self-contained, isolated infrastructure

Simple to scale and operate

Start small, grow large with no operational overhead

Sensor specifications

Low-cost user tracking sensor

Easy to deploy and operate, simple to scale and grow

Plug-and-play deployment

The Pointmetric sensor provides unprecedented levels of accuracy in a robust platform that can be easily deployed. Simply deliver to the right location and connect.

The sensor

It doesn’t require specialist installation or configuration, so you can easily deploy where you need. It can be used for long-term tracking or deployed for short-term trials, so you have full control over your location-based marketing programmes.

Easy to deploy and integrate with your IT systems

  • Low power, lightweight and with a small footprint
    The Pointmetric sensor is easily integrated into your environment
  • Rapid resolution, enabling real-time location detection
    Instantly capture insights with performance at scale
  • Integrated backhaul, with local connectivity options 
    Use default wireless signal, or connect to your LAN
  • All data is protected, ensuring anonymity and privacy 
    Deploy with confidence, with no vulnerabilities
The sensor

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