Mobile operators: learn how to Monetise mobile data

Monetise your mobile data easily and effectively

Unlock the latent value of your customer data to build new business relationships and drive new revenue streams.

monetise mobile data for carriers

Enriched mobile data

Deliver valuable marketing insights to your partners

Unprecedented accuracy with enriched mobile data

Pointmetric enables micro location tracking and the collection of mobile customer data, securely and at scale with our unique sensors. We take your data, protect and enrich it, so you can monetise it with your partners.

We support your data analytics team and help you to meet new use cases and demands from partners.

  • Obtain rich visitor insights
  • Enrich data with unique identifiers
  • Easy to deploy and operate
  • Simple integration with your network and systems

Hyper-localised and micro-targeted

Understand your customers and their demographics to drive business

Get contextual, real-time, enriched data

Obtain location data with unprecedented accuracy, actionable in real-time

Use your existing data assets to boost revenue

Secure and grow new revenue streams to capitalise on your data assets

Build new business partnerships

Create a sustainable data business ecosystem, for new partners and opportunities

Build a sustainable data business

Build your mobile data ecosystem

Scale your data business to maximise returns
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Easily onboard and support new data customers

Pointmetric enables you to create a scalable, sustainable data business, allowing you to realise the latent potential of your data and meet a wide range of customer requirements.

Our platform can support as many partners as you want, allowing you to service different markets, segments and use cases – and scale.

  • Deploy our sensors anywhere, locally, regionally or nationally
  • Easily manage pilots and trials
  • Create custom analytics for different partners
  • Get full visibility of deployed sensors to ensure performance at scale
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Create a market for your data

Deliver marketing insights that matter, creating value from your data

Discover the hidden value of your data

Unlock the value and deliver it to partners in a way that they can use

Create a new data value chain

Find new partners and create new revenue streams using the assets you already have

Enhance your partners’ business

Identify new opportunities and support your partners, build lasting relationships

Secure, anonymous data

Secure, 3Gpp compliant data control

Secure and anonymous – we protect your data
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Make money from the data you control

We help you monetise your data through secure exchange and exposure – but you keep control and store it.

We follow the most stringent security and data protection protocols, fully aligned with your governance policies and national / international standards.

Our solution is safe, protected and ensures that you are in control at all times. So, you can focus on building revenue and growing your data market.

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and protected

What, not who. Our solutions ensure no Personal Identifiable Information or other personal data is exposed

Fully compliant with all relevant national standards

We comply with any relevant legislation to protect users and to ensure data integrity

Non-intrusive, with no user registration

Our sensors collect data seamlessly, with no user interaction required. It just works

You maintain full control of your data

It’s your data, so you control it at all times, providing full compatibility with your procedures

not raw data

Pointmetric provides insights, not data. We’ll ensure that information is actionable and marketing led

Secure standards based protocol/ signalling

We follow international standards ensuring that you comply with evolving requirements

Ready to get started?

Pointmetric provides a clear path to unlock insights from data and bring location analytics to your business

From PoC to launch

Start with a trial and scale up with our team. We’ll help you capitalise on enriched location data

Become a data leader

Discover and explore the insights that matter, so you can secure sustained benefits

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