businesses: build hyper targeted campaigns with Mobile data

Marketing insights from mobile data

Use insights from mobile data to drive more effective, targeted marketing campaigns and customer relationships.

Micro-location tracking for accurate targeting

Understand where your customers are, so you can enhance your business

Real-time insights to boost results

Understand customer behaviour to optimise service performance

Micro-targeting real-time data

Real-time data for micro-targeting

Do you really understand your customers?

Capture their behaviour to drive success

Pointmetric provides you with real-time, anonymised mobile location data, enriched with contextual information that helps you deliver better services and build more profitable relationships.

Presented through a clear, easy to use dashboard, we combine mobile data with other information to give you a targeted picture, structured for key use cases. You can explore the data and derive new, actionable insights, both in real-time and with an aggregated historic view.

Real-time business insights

Real-time data for micro-targeting

How can real-time insights help your business?

Mobile location data helps you to ask the right questions

Retail units

Where are your customers? How close are they to your premises? How often do they visit? How long do they stay? Where do they come from? What websites do they prefer?

Customer behaviour reveals valuable insights that can help you grow. By adding mobile location and customer behaviour information to your workflows you can serve them more effectively.

Our unique sensors collect the data you need

  • Cover your footprint
    Position our sensors in your premises to understand footfall, habits and visits, in real-time, as well as historically
  • Reveal new insights to drive success
    Explore accurate data and derive new insights into your customer base, measure performance and create new benchmarks for your engagement.
  • Combine different data to secure the big picture
    The insights we deliver can augment existing sources to create a complete view of customer behaviour and journeys, making the most from data analytics
Retail units
Use cases for pointmetric

Design supermarkets more

Increase customer spend

Supermarkets must be carefully aligned to the shopping journey of customers Pointmetric helps you position promotions, tuned to different demographics, so you maximise their impact.

  • Optimise displays and offers
    Put your message in the right place, based on real customer journeys
  • Benchmark, refine and tune
    Continuous real-time data allows micro-tuning, every day, for different segments

Optimise retail outlets based on detailed local data

Accuracy makes the difference

Maximise the impact of promotions and ensure the right people see the right offers. Real-time mobile data enables retailers to design the right experience for customers, ensuring they see what you want them to see.

  • Plan your layout
    Use accurate information to determine hotspots and dwell times
  • Measure success based on real data
    Correlate customer journeys with retail stats and to analyse performance

Create a better
hotel experience

How are your services used?

Which services are used by residents? How can you increase visits to maximise revenue? With location data, you can tailor offers and build campaigns to ensure a better return from your facilities.

  • Analyse your visitor journey
    Use Dotmetric sensors to map visits and increase revenue
  • Target your marketing
    Deliver the right message to the right people, based on mobile analytics

Plan your
bank network

Are your branches where they should be?

Ensure that your branch network is relevant to your customers. What’s the right footprint to deliver the best service? Real-time mobile location data provides the insights you need.

  • Discover who uses your branches
    Capture detailed visit information to map customer interaction
  • Use insights to deliver the best service
    Compare visits, optimise and evolve your branches to deliver better service

public transport routes

Do your routes meet needs?

Do they travel end-to-end or hop on/off at different points? What’s the best service for different times of the day? Are passengers local, or from further afield? Understand real passenger dynamics with location data.

  • Optimise your service routes
    Design routes that reflect changing passenger load and demand
  • Measure performance to drive efficiency
    Ensure your services stay relevant while optimising costs

your customers

Is your service chain delivering?

With a network of service points – for a mobile operator, perhaps – you need to really understand who uses your stores, how and when. Do they need an upgrade? Are they visiting from a rival? Analytics unlocks the answers.

  • Check your visitors
    Use real-time insights to tune messages and enhance service
  • Are you giving your customers the best experience?
    Correlate visits with your customer data to deliver more
Professional services

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What data matters to your business?

Our service team will help you identify value opportunities

We’ll help you to identify the most valuable analytics for your business, so you can use insights effectively. We can help you optimise business processes.

With Pointmetric, you’ll understand your customers better and improve engagement. We deliver successful outcomes from your data journey, so you maximise returns from real-time mobile data.

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