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Microtargeting and hyper-personalisation

Understand your customers and make money from your data. We deliver insights that matter, unlocking data and creating a valuable market for carriers and businesses.

Understand your customers and make money from your data.

Analytics platform

We deliver insights that matter, unlocking data and creating a valuable market for carriers and businesses...

Unprecedented accuracy, with enriched data to paint the big picture

Our distributed data platform collects and combines real-time insights and presents them through a rich, visual dashboard

Analytics platform
Micro-targeted marketing data

Real-time data for microtargeting

Capitalise on mobile data to grow revenue

Unlock the latent value of your network data

Monetise data to create sustainable new revenue streams

Data that drives measurable benefits

Use insights from mobile microtargeting to optimise processes, increase sales

Enrich your data to increase its value

Combine mobile location data with unique and anonymous identifiers

Micro-location tracking for accurate targeting

Know where your customers are in real-time to deliver instant, tailored offers

A flexible, scalable data insights architecture

The level of accuracy we deliver – down to square metres – is unrivalled. This means we can discover ‘micro-locations’, determining where people really are. Learn if someone is in a building or simply passing by.

We achieve this with a proprietary sensor that is easy to deploy, scales to the complete retail footprint and fits easily into your systems. This is combined with a clear dashboard to explore data and create reports.

Secure, anonymised and protected

  • Non-intrusive and seamless, with no user registration
    Data is collected passively, in full compliance with legislation
  • Analytics and insights, not just raw data
    We ensure the data has true value, for carriers and their partners
  • Easy to deploy and scale, for any location
    Plug-and-play operation with integration to your operational assets
Hyper-localised marketing

Highly localised marketing data

Delivering new standards in marketing accuracy

Actionable, meaningful insights in real-time

Pointmetric enables micro location tracking, backed by scale and security, creating new standards for accuracy for mobile location marketing and hyper-personalised engagement.

We give you meaningful visitor insights, corelated with unique identifiers that drive measurable sales and business optimisation for business partners, while allowing mobile operators monetise data assets.

Patronage report

Real-time, micro-targeting

Understand all your customers to drive real-time engagement and insights

Hyper-localised marketing campaigns

Industry-leading location accuracy, with precision pin-pointing

End-to-end secure, anonymous, compliant

From sensor to dashboard via secure backhaul, completely isolated

Simple, scalable operation

Start small, grow large with no operational overhead

Hyper-localised marketing

Mobile data ecosystem

Build a complete, open data ecosystem of partners

Complete the data value chain

Enabling mobile carriers to monetise data and deliver insights to businesses

Realise the hidden value of your data

Deliver detailed behavioural data securely and efficiently, in real-time 

Help partners use mobile user data intelligently

Enriched data to build new partnerships through collaboration and discovery

On-hand to help you monetise your data

We can help you to identify the most attractive opportunities

A complete data marketplace

We create a data marketplace and ecosystem in which operators can leverage their data assets for business partners that need real-time insights and seek to build hyper-personalised, contextual consumer relationships.

Our expertise helps mobile operators identify value in their data – and business partners recognise the data insights they need. System and platform providers can obtain data to enhance and extend their offers.

Build partnerships to monetise data:

  • Build a sustainable data business
    Realise the promise of data and create a new profit centre for partners
  • Quickly onboard new partners and opportunities
    Enriched data can be easily be optimised for new requirements, creating more value
  • Unique technology and expertise, with agile innovation
    Innovative IPR and domain knowledge ensures effective integration with assets and stakeholders

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